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For a few months now oil prices are on a steady downward trajectory. Some people even speak about the possible beginning of the end of a super commodity cycle, with the result now of a long-term price slump lying ahead of us. This would have severe economic implications for countries heavily depending on oil exports - and with that particularly cou...

There is a broad consensus among scientists and policy makers that the growth rate of the world’s human population and its current rate of consumption are putting global sustainable development at risk. A new study now shows that reducing world popuation most certainly is no environmental "quick fix". Why? Because there are simply yet too many peop...

"Africa is standing on the edge of enormous opportunity and African policy makers and their partners have critical choices to make. They can either invest their natural resource revenue in people to generate jobs and opportunities for millions in present and future generations. Or they can squander this opportunity, allowing jobless growth and ineq...

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Things that changed over the past 7 years

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