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Wenn man davon hört, ist der Tenor schnell klar: Apokalypse, Desaster, Weltuntergang. Eigentlich haben wir gar keine Chance, den Klimawandel aufzuhalten und die Menschheit vor der größten Katastrophe überhaupt zu bewahren. Doch genau hier liegt das Problem: Solange wir es nicht schaffen, diese Herausforderung als Chance zu sehen und Hoffnung anstel...

When it comes to the quality and sustainability of development, GDP only tells us half the story - at best. It is time we start to look at other things. Why not focus on true happiness?

End of January Davos was host to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting. 2,500 top international political and business leaders, as well as selected intellect...

For a few months now oil prices are on a steady downward trajectory. Some people even speak about the possible beginning of the end of a super commodity cycle, with the result now of a long-term price slump lying ahead of us. This would have severe economic implications for countries heavily depending on oil exports - and with that particularly cou...

Many countries in the world are rich in natural resources. And in most cases those natural resources constitute an important engine for the country’s economy, as well as a considerable source of fiscal revenues and foreign exchange. In fact, according to my own research a total of 83 countries and with that an aggregate population of 3.3 billion pe...

Geological processes have the result that extractive resources are unevenly spread around the world, leading to the fact that some countries are richly endowed while others do not have any significant amounts of resources at their disposal. Focusing on countries that are endowed with extractive resources, it is of fundamental importance to differ b...

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Things that changed over the past 7 years

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