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When you hear about it, the message quickly becomes clear: apocalypse, disaster, the end of the world. Actually, we have no chance at all of stopping climate change and saving humanity from the greatest catastrophe of all. But this is exactly where we make the first big mistake: as long as we don't manage to see this challenge as an opportunity and...

„Wirtschaft“ von morgen muss neu gedacht und gestaltet werden. Die traditionelle Fixierung auf permanentes Wachstum wird abgelöst von neuen Strategien des „Genug“, die ganzheitlicher ansetzen und Ökonomie wie auch Ökologie und Soziales in eine nachhaltige Balance bringen.

Ein Wandel hin zu einem qualitativen Wirtschaftswachstum zeichnet sich ab – d...

Again and again I hear people saying “Wow, that is really cool what you guys are doing!”, “How on earth are you able to pull this off besides your job?, “Thank god there are people like you!” and so forth. The problem with that? At the same time only the fewest ask about how they can become involved themselves. Too often time would lack and what wo...

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Things that changed over the past 7 years

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