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For a few months now oil prices are on a steady downward trajectory. Some people even speak about the possible beginning of the end of a super commodity cycle, with the result now of a long-term price slump lying ahead of us. This would have severe economic implications for countries heavily depending on oil exports - and with that particularly cou...

Extractive resources are non-renewable natural resources and therefore exhaustible, which is why revenues generated from depletion are finite and hereby intrinsically temporary. Also, particularly in the developing world, they account for a large share of several country's overall export structure and often generate the bulk of total government rev...

Many countries in the world are rich in natural resources. And in most cases those natural resources constitute an important engine for the country’s economy, as well as a considerable source of fiscal revenues and foreign exchange. In fact, according to my own research a total of 83 countries and with that an aggregate population of 3.3 billion pe...

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Things that changed over the past 7 years

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