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Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

How do you raise awareness about the planet's population explosion, correspondingly increasing consumption, as well as concomitant pressure on the earth's natural resources? Global Population Speak Out thought that the best way to do so is to simply show the people - with astonishing and simultaneously alamarming photos. I am happy to share the following selection with you. 



These photos are part of a bigger campaign (#speakout) and a book called Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot (OVER). I've been invited to share some of these breathtaking photos, so click here to view the complete gallery.


The organisation itself  describes its purpose as follows: "Global Population Speak Out (Speak Out) unites world-class scientists, academicians, opinion-leaders – and thousands of lay environmentalists and concerned citizens – to help bring international attention to the crises posed by overdevelopment and human population size and growth. Speak Out is jointly administered by Population Media Center and Population Institute.


The power of Speak Out is in the global network of organizations and individuals who participate, which in turn are connected to large numbers of other activist organizations and motivated individuals. Speak Out works to equip those already engaged in addressing environmental concerns with strong materials and messages to help them raise awareness and catalyze change. Speak Out 2015features a powerful book, sharable postcards, and a number of other ways to get involved."


I'd say this is more than worthy of support, so pay them a visit to learn more!

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